June 17, 2019

How to look after yourself post-cataract surgery


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For almost everyone who undergoes the procedure, cataract surgery is a truly transformative thing. It gives patients back freedom by improving their sight. It's amazing that such a fast and easy operation like cataract surgery can be so life-changing.

But even though it's a straightforward procedure it is important to give your eyes proper care and attention afterwards to achieve the best sight possible. Here are some important steps you should take to make your recovery comfortable and easy.

Use your eye drops correctly

You will need to use some medicated eye drops for a few weeks after the procedure. The team will give you clear written instructions and can show you the correct way to put eye drops in. You should wait at least 2 minutes between each different type of eye drop. These drops are to prevent infection and to reduce inflammation, so following your instructions is important.

Wear sunglasses

If you have sunglasses that block harmful UV radiation, wearing them whilst outdoors is a great idea. Your eyes can be a little sensitive to bright light during the recovery period and up to 2-3 months afterwards, but usually this is quite mild.

Avoid over-exertion

Avoiding heavy exercise is a good rule for any surgery. Modern cataract surgery utilises a very small incision which almost never requires a suture, but it's best to only do light exercise for the first few days following surgery. Avoid rough contact sports like rugby or martial arts for a month, and stay out of swimming pools and rivers for at least a week.

Avoid direct eye contact with water

Your eye heals very quickly after the surgery and there is very little risk of infection, so you can wash and shower normally the next day. It's best to try to avoid getting a jet of water from the shower directly in the eyes for the first week, so gently wash your eyes with a wash-cloth the next morning.

Avoid dust

Wearing sunglasses is a reliable way to protect your eyes from dust and debris, but the best thing to do is to avoid activities that create a lot of dust for the first few days, like woodworking or heavy cleaning.

Want to know more?

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