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Re:Vision is the only Vision Correction Centre to combine the safest, most accurate and most advanced LASIK procedure in New Zealand.

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world’s most advanced laser

Schwind Amaris 1050RS excimer laser

Considered the world’s most precise excimer laser for vision correction used in LASIK and PRK. The more precise the laser, the more precise the vision correction. The Schwind Amaris 1050 laser is equipped with 7 dimensional eye tracking for accurate delivery of laser pulses with compensation for the slightest eye movement during surgery. This allows precise correction of astigmatism as well as short-sight and long-sight. Smart-pulse technology leaves the smoothest possible corneal surface leading to exceptional visual quality and high definition vision.

precise optical analysis

Peramis Wavefront Aberrometer

There are 25 measurable causes of defocus in our eyes. These defocus errors are called aberrations and are precisely measured by an aberrometer. With accurate measuring, and laser treatment of these aberrations, we are able to achieve high definition vision even clearer than glasses can provide. Older laser technologies, and SMILE, only measure and treat 2 defocus errors, compared to 25. Wavefront aberrometers allow laser surgeons to precisely analyse the optics of the eye.

The Peramis aberrometer has six times higher resolution than other systems. This exceptional performance is based on a high-resolution pyramidal wavefront sensor that measures ocular wavefront aberrations with an unequalled 45,000 measuring points. Together with the integrated high-resolution topography with placido technology, this allows for extremely accurate assessment of corneal and ocular aberrations. This data allows your surgeon to individually customise the wavefront based correction of your vision.

highly accurate measurements

Sirius Topographer

Combines placido disk topography with Scheimpflug tomography of the front of the eye to allow the surgeon to perform the safest version of laser vision correction customised to your eyes. The device provides highly accurate measurements of corneal thickness, curvature, power as well as pupil size measurements and is commonly used for refractive surgery planning and follow-up.

world’s most advanced laser

Ziemer Z6
femtosecond laser

The Ziemer Z6 solid state femtosecond laser provides unmatched safety and predictability for corneal flap creation – the first stage in the LASIK procedure. It provides faster overnight vision recovery and higher definition vision.

The Ziemer Z6 laser has the highest repetition rate of any femtosecond laser with overlapping, precise spots with the lowest most gentle energy delivery of all laser systems. This avoids the formation of opaque bubbles during LASIK flap creation which aids accurate eye tracking and results in rapid visual recovery.