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State of the art technology is available at re:vision for cataract procedures to ensure a safe and fast recovery.

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highly accurate measurements

IOL master 700

The IOLMaster 700 provides highly repeatable and accurate measurements of the eye to allow the surgeon to customise the lens implant in your eye following cataract or RLE surgery. The device provides highly accurate lens thickness, anterior chamber depth, and corneal thickness measurements of the eye. The entire process is completed in about 50 seconds, with a total of 2,000 scans taken per second. During the process, the IOLMaster 700 also performs a 1-mm central retinal scan.

intelligent real time image guidance

Zeiss Lumera operating microscope with Callisto virtual guidance system

The integral Callisto system in this microscope provides intelligent real time image guidance for incision and toric lens alignment for better management of astigmatism during surgery.

cutting edge technology

Centurion phacoemulsification machine

This is a highly advanced device utilises cutting edge technology to reduce ultrasound energy output, fluid volume used as well as surgical time to improve safety, consistency and control during cataract surgery.