November 28, 2019

Why Are People Scared of LASIK? Top Fears Addressed


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Most people who have problems with distance vision would benefit from Wavefront-Guided LASIK laser vision correction. Some people however feel concerned about the idea of lasers being used near their eyes, and often laser eye surgery might be the first surgical procedure a patient has ever had, so it's no wonder it can be intimidating.

There is a good chance you know someone who's already had a successful laser eye treatment, as it's one of the most common procedures in the modern world. Thanks to constantly developing technology, Wavefront-Guided LASIK at the Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre is a very safe and routine procedure.

We've been in the business long enough see a lot of the same sort of fears come up. Today, we're looking at the most common concerns that people have about LASIK, and how they can be alleviated.

Fear of being awake during the procedure.

It is true that you'll be awake for the whole surgery, but this is nowhere near as big an issue as you may be thinking. The laser vision correction treatments are so fast and painless that putting you to sleep is unnecessary. General anaethesia ("putting to sleep") is a yucky and unpleasant experience and can be slow to recover from. Since the whole procedure is over in a matter of minutes, it's actually a nicer experience to be awake for it. The actual contact the laser has with your eye is typically less than 20 seconds and the procedure is not at all painful - we use numbing drops so the most you feel is a mild pressure sensation.

Overall you'll find the process a lot less scary than it sounds, but there is always the option of having a light sedative tablet if you are still super nervous on the day. If you choose that option, you'll still be awake and know what is going on, but you will feel relaxed about it. this wears off quickly after the procedure.

Patients are often afraid of the laser.

This is also a fairly common fear. Most patients simply don't know what to expect from the laser, and it's the fear of the unknown that's at play here. Here are a few facts that may help you understand the laser a little better.

* It only makes contact with your eye for a few seconds.

* The risk of complications from the laser is extremely low

* The laser tracks and follows you eyes continuously during the procedure, so every single one of the several thousand tiny pulses is accurately placed. The human eye is actually almost constantly making tiny refocus adjustments that we don't normally notice - but Re:Vision's new modern Schwind-Amaris laser tracks the eye amazingly and is able to precisely target the exact place that is required using modern and extremely accurate eye-tracking technology.

Fear of debt.

For many, laser eye surgery seems a high cost. Even though it's cheaper in the long run than using contacts (and often cheaper than glasses in the long term) we understand that many people can't afford it all in one payment or don't want to borrow money if they can help it.

Here at Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre, we have partnered with two very reputable finance companies and offer financing options to help so you don't need to take out a loan from somewhere less than ideal. We even offer interest free repayments for up to two years.

If you're still unsure, talking to other people who have already had Wavefront-Guided LASIK is a great idea, and we're sure they will tell you that it turned out to be totally worth it. See our Google reviews to hear about other people's experiences at Re:Vision.

Fear of the recovery period.

In our busy modern world, a lot of people are worried that they will have to spend lots of time recovering before they can return to work. Luckily, Wavefront-Guided LASIK has the fastest recovery of any vision correction period. Using the modern technology at Re:Vision, almost every patient can see to drive the next day - in fact, 94% are already seeing 20/20 vision the next morning! Almost everyone returns to work after a relaxing weekend already doing almost all of their usual sports and activities.

Want to learn more?

The more you know about laser eye surgery, the less you'll have to worry about! To find out more, get in contact with Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre today to book your free laser assessment with one of our surgeons.

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