August 7, 2018

What to expect at your initial laser assessment


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You’ve booked your free laser assessment and you are nervous and excited all at once!

At the suitability assessment, we’ll go through a careful check of all the things that determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction – from check your glasses prescription and eyesight, to more detailed analysis of your eyes and vision with a series of very easy, non-invasive tests.

During these tests, we’ll evaluate the thickness, shape and contour of your cornea and any irregularities it may have.

All these tests will establish if you are indeed suitable for laser vision correction and what degree of refractive error you have.  With all this information your eye surgeon will determine which procedure is most appropriate for your unique visual requirements.

You may also need to discuss your general health with the Doctor and the team and let us know if you are taking any medicine on a regular basis or if you may be allergic to any medication.

At this assessment you have a wonderful opportunity to talk to the team that will take you through one of the greatest experiences of your life, it’s a time to ask questions, engage and get comfortable with them! They are there for you and will appreciate your concerns and questions and would want you to feel confident in them.

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