March 17, 2020

NZ TV’s Toni Street Speaks on Recent Laser Eye Surgery


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The team here at Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre recently had the pleasure of helping NZ TV presenter and sports commentator Toni Street through her laser eye surgery procedure! Best known for co-hosting Seven Sharp, and working with One News as a sports reporter, Toni Street had lived with glasses for years, and we’re happy to say that she’s jumped from a -7.00 prescription to vision that’s clearer than 20/20!

Dr Mo Ziaei on Toni’s laser eye procedure

Recently, one of our head eye doctors—Dr Mo Ziaei—had the chance to talk to Toni live on The Hits radio, and go over the basics of the laser eye procedure.

When asked by the hosts about the technology, Dr Mo gave some details on how complicated it is, explaining that the lasers used are “highly sophisticated.” However, as Dr Mo pointed out on the show, this doesn’t mean the procedure is very difficult. Laser eye surgery utilises very complex technology, but the advanced level of machinery means that the surgery is mostly automated and actually very easy to carry out for the surgeon, especially when compared with some of the other eye procedures that Re:Vision offers, e.g. corneal transplants. This high tech procedure means that more than 97% rate of our patients are seeing 20/20 or better less than 24 hours following the treatment and in one study completed and published by Dr Mo in a medical journal, 100% of patients were seeing 20/20 after 6 months of followup. 

Laser eye surgery has been around for much longer than most people think, and large numbers of people undergo the treatment every day. It is believed that over 30 million individuals have had laser vision correction with no reported cases of blindness.   

While the treatment is probably one of the safest and most studied procedures available to date, Dr Mo did point out that “everybody heals differently.” This means some people may require follow-up treatments to put on some finishing touches, although this is rare and occurs in around 1% of cases.

Toni’s experience with Re:Vision

Now that Toni’s procedure is complete, we’re pleased to see how much of a difference it’s made for her already! This last weekend, Toni posted on her personal Instagram: “It's quite unbelievable, everything is so crisp and clear just 24 hours later. Hard to believe that I can see this well after 30 years of blurred vision!”

See link to the NZ herald article…

Toni also mentions that she was feeling pretty anxious pre-op, but we think she did fantastic! All the best to Toni and her family, and we hope she enjoys her new vision for the future!

Interested in laser eye surgery for yourself?

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