October 3, 2019

Goggles and protective eyewear becoming more important


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Good vision is important for playing sports and prescription eyewear can help with this but what are your other options?

There is nothing more precious than the Gift of Sight – and it’s worth protecting! Modern protective eyewear has increasingly been adopted by professional sports men and women to protect these precious jewels we call our eyes.

For participants in some sports, like squash and shooting sports, protective eyewear has been worn for decades and it’s great to see better recognition of how important this is for a wide range of other sports, both to improve vision for performance as well as protection. There are some amazing sports-specific eyewear options for a wide range of activities that are designed to stay on place during tough physical sports and are safe for both the wearer and the other competitors.

The other alternative to goggles and protective eyewear is permanent vision correction, lets explore some options that are most suitable for elite athletes.

Vision correction options for athletes

1.      LASIK laser vision correction is a highly precise procedure that works by re-shaping the surface of the eye. Over 40 million people worldwide have undergone laser eye surgery with phenomenal results. It’s referred to as a modern miracle because it is quick and painless,with patients driving the day after! For vision impaired athletes, in particular the recovery and results are life changing as not only their lives but also their performance is enhanced!  


2.      Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) are particularly beneficial for patients who have high prescriptions, thin corneas or even abnormally shaped corneas. They are custom made for your visual needs and fit behind the iris of the eye and in-front of the eye’s natural lens. With over 1,000,000 ICLs implanted worldwide it has proven successful to those patients previously found unsuitable for laser vision correction. For high performance athletes, once the recovery period is over, they can resume their preferred sporting activity including full contact sports.

Want to find our more?

As we mentioned before, good vision is important for high performance sports participants and eyewear can help this but there are permanent vision correction solutions we can offer you.

Don’t let visual impairment affect your performance, talk to our team today, and book your free vision correction suitability assessment! We offer LASIK laser vision correction, Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), SmartSurface laser vision correction and more - let’s find out which procedure is best suited to you.

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