September 21, 2020

Re:Vision Now Offering Bilateral Sequential Cataract Surgery


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Cataracts are a normal part of getting older—sooner or later, we all deal with the natural clouding of the eye’s lens. For some, the process occurs early, as it can be accelerated by conditions such as diabetes, along with certain habits, including smoking, and prolonged exposure to sunlight. No matter when it develops, it can severely impact your lifestyle as once normal tasks like driving may become too difficult, or too risky.

Thankfully, even though cataracts affect millions of people worldwide, treating them is the most performed surgical eye procedure in the world. The typical method for doing this is the insertion of an intraocular lens (IOL), which replaces the clouded lens in the eye. Now, with modern technology and improved techniques, we are able to make this process safer and more convenient for patients.

How cataract treatment has evolved

As we age, cataracts will usually affect both eyes.  In the past, the outcomes of cataract surgery were less predictable, so it was typical for the eye surgeon to only operate on one eye each day. This meant days, weeks or even several months living with a significant imbalance in a person’s vision. However, modern surgery techniques have made the recovery process much faster, and vision is typically much clearer and you can expect to notice a discernible difference on the same day!

How we manage cataracts at Re:Vision

Cataract removal today is a painless, fast, and well-practised way to correct your vision. Here at Re:Vision, cataract removal can be managed by sub-specialised cataract surgeons at our Re:Vision Day-Case Theatre in Auckland. Both Dr Trevor Gray and Dr Mo Ziaei are available for appointments.

Not only does cataract removal help remove the clouding of the lens in the eye, it’s also a chance to correct other focusing issues. Those who use glasses may find that the intraocular lens used will improve their vision, eliminating the need for glasses once the operation is complete. In fact, special lenses are available which can improve astigmatism too. To cap it all off, we also offer bilateral sequential cataract surgery!

What is bilateral sequential cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is now so seamless that we are able to complete cataract operations on both eyes in one day, without it impairing your vision. This is swiftly becoming the preferred method of cataract treatment worldwide. It’s becoming more and more apparent that this method of cataract removal is safe, convenient, and efficient for patients.

The team here at Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre have actually been offering bilateral sequential cataract surgery for many years, and we’ve found that it proves extremely popular. By improving recovery times overall, it can help those who had cataracts get their independence back quicker. 

Ask us about cataract removal today

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, and you need to start thinking about getting them removed, we can assist you, just talk to our team or book an appointment today. We are also committed to making cataract surgery accessible to everyone, so if you’re worried about cataract surgery costs you can talk to us today to find out more about easy finance options with our finance partners.

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