July 24, 2018

Main reasons for laser eye surgery 2018


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We all know Laser eye surgery is life-changing, it provides us with the freedom to do things we couldn’t do before! Here at Re:Vision we ask our patients what made them decide to have laser eye surgery. Listed below are the top reasons:

It’s all about convenience:

Or shall we say “inconvenience!” For many people, there is an ongoing effort with regards to wearing glasses and using contact lenses. Laser surgery becomes a viable option when you are frustrated with a daily ritual of inserting contact lenses into your eyes or when it comes down to simply maintaining your glasses, yes, that is keeping them clean, smudge free, dry and defogged!

Let’s talk about careers:

Laser surgery most certainly play a critical part in performance and some jobs are particularly hard to perform while wearing glasses, such as chefs, police, professional sportspeople.

Participating in sport:

So many sports men and women have turned to laser vision correction to enable them to enjoy visual freedom, freedom from glasses and contacts that restrict their performance in sports games and/or health and fitness facilities.   

In the water!

Blurred vision! Yes, people with glasses will tell you how irritating it is to have to remove their glasses to take a dip in the cool water over summer and for those who prefer to be on deck, having to endure the sun in your eyes while you fish or sail, can take the wind right out of your sails! Thanks to laser surgery, you can jump in both feet now!

Wearing contact lenses?

One of the long-term issues is that some people become contact lens intolerant (discomfort while wearing their contact lenses), whereby laser surgery is the answer to their problem, which allows them to remain glasses free.

Another “little” reason:

Having a new addition to the family usually means waking up at all hours and the first thing you’d have to do is find your glasses or insert your contact lenses before being able to take care of baby. And as they grow, so does their co-ordination of pulling at your glasses!

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