July 3, 2020

The Lesser Known Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery


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Are you thinking about getting LASIK? If you are, there’s a good chance you already know a bit about it. LASIK’s high success rate and safety are well-known, having eliminated the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses for countless people around the globe.

However, LASIK is also associated with several other benefits that are often overlooked. These can be financial, physiological, and even psychological. Learn more below about the positive effects laser eye surgery can have on your life.

Huge savings

One of the most common reasons people put off laser eye surgery is the price. Once people do the math, however, they are often surprised to find that LASIK can save them money. 

Once you consider the ongoing costs of replacing prescription glasses, disposable contacts, or contact cleaning solutions, the comparison makes sense. Both glasses and contact lens can amount to huge sums over time but these are eliminated by corrective eye treatments. You also will no longer need to see doctors or optometrists or worry about losing or damaging your glasses. 

The one-time cost of laser vision correction is a fraction of the cost of living with less-permanent corrective measures. What’s more, here at Re:Vision, we want this life-changing procedure to be as accessible as possible. That’s why we offer several financing options for those who can’t make a lump-sum payment upfront.

Limits Allergic Reactions

We often hear from patients who find contact lenses—or the solutions they are stored in—irritating to the eyes. This is potentially the result of an uncomfortable allergic reaction, making contact lenses a non-viable long-term option.

Patients with other eye allergies, such as pollen or grass seeds, may also be at a higher risk of developing allergies to contact lenses. Thankfully, laser vision correction can help limit these risks by removing the need for contacts altogether. 

Boosts Confidence

While there is no shortage of stylish glasses out there, people still commonly find their confidence hindered by a set of frames. Some find that they become more anxious about certain activities or situations, for fear of losing or breaking their glasses. Other people may just find that they don’t like the way glasses alter the shape of their face. 

Overcoming the need for glasses with laser eye surgery can be a huge confidence boost for patients, sometimes even for those who didn’t think they had an issue with their glasses at all!

More Access to Sports

Vision is an important part of almost every competitive sport. Some professional sportspeople do wear glasses, but most find them inconvenient. Glasses can fog up or slip off the face and contacts can dry out or slide out of place. Glasses have a psychological impact as well. Many people find they are more willing to take risks when they don’t have to worry about their glasses or contacts, yet another way glasses can hinder someone’s confidence.

LASIK has consistently opened more sports opportunities for patients and improved the performance of those already committed to a sport. It can be a literal game-changer.

Find out more today

Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre is the leading practitioner for laser eye surgery in Auckland. Our world-class facilities and equipment keep us ahead of the curve, as laser vision correction becomes faster and easier with every passing year. Talk to us today to learn more about our services or book a free assessment to find out if you’re a good candidate for laser vision correction!

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