October 4, 2019

Why It’s Important to Consider All your Vision Options


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Re:Vision’s head ophthalmologist, Dr Trevor Gray, was recently approached by the Herald to comment on a recent decision made by All Blacks rugby player Ardie Savea to take on the Canadian team while wearing prescription protective goggles. Dr Gray didn’t have any prior knowledge of Savea’s eyesight, but took the opportunity to speak about the benefits of modern protective eyewear. 

In the end, Savea didn’t keep the goggles on for long, but this serves to highlight some valuable concepts that we’d like to discuss here today. Keep reading to find out more about the range of vision correction options available. 

Ardie Savea’s goggles show how far vision technology has come

First, let’s talk about what went down on the pitch.

Even though Savea felt he didn’t need the goggles for the game on game night, his statements imply that he plans to give them another go. “It’s just a matter of getting used to them,” Savea told the Herald.

That said, giving the goggles an international stage will ultimately continue to have positive repercussions. Showing people that there are options out there for professional athletes—even those in high contact sports—to protect their vision is a net gain. 

Savea’s goggles are also a great example of the strides that have been taken in the design and engineering of protective eyewear. Previously, sports eyewear has been focused on protection, but nowadays, it can also incorporate prescription, in order to help correct vision as well as protect it. 

As a player on the best rugby team in the world, Savea is obviously under a lot of pressure to perform well, and under that sort of pressure, it’s understandable why adding something new can be a distraction. 

What other eyewear options are available?

Protective eyewear needs to be recognised as a huge benefit for many people, not just in sports, but in multiple professional capacities. Many professional trades use eyewear every day, including welders, laboratory technicians, and construction workers.

That said, there are other options. While contact lenses are certainly one such option for many professional sportspeople, there are some roadblocks that protective eyewear hasn’t solved yet. Wearing protective goggles over top of prescription eyewear can be uncomfortable, for one. Even in the case of Savea, who had eyewear that solved this issue by incorporating prescription itself, still found eyewear difficult to adjust to. 

That’s why the team here at Re:Vision wants to highlight that even though it’s vital to pioneer eyewear technology as it continues to develop, many permanent vision correction procedures can also help people in a professional capacity, whether it’s in world-cup sports, or not.

Here at Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre, we perform a number of procedures that can help in this area, such as LASIK laser vision correction, PRK and ICLs (implantable contact lenses). We’re able to achieve excellent results and have 99% positive feedback post-operation via our dedication to offering the best procedures, the best after-care, and access to the latest laser technology in New Zealand. 

What if laser vision correction isn’t a good fit?

Not everyone is suitable for laser vision correction. This can be due to a number of factors, like age, for example—the fact is that some patients are too young to qualify. 

Because of this—and other reasons—it’s important to know that the other options we’ve mentioned can still work for you. ICLs are a great example of a procedure that can benefit those who are facing difficulties with corrective eyewear. They are flexible plastic lenses that augment your natural lens and correct the eye’s focusing issues, all while invisible to the naked eye. 

And that’s not all; there are other options out there which could be a good fit for any number of specific circumstances. 

Make Sure You Know What Your Options Are

If you’re interested in learning more about what your vision correction options are, get in touch with the team here at Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre today. We’ll be happy to help!

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