May 10, 2019

Common Signs That Your Child May Have Trouble Seeing


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We don’t often think of children as being susceptible to vision problems - this can unfortunately make us oblivious to certain telltale signs of vision problems, which can cause more serious complications such as Keratoconus.

What to look for if you suspect your child has trouble seeing

Keratoconus is a condition wherein an irregularly shaped cornea (front window to the eye), prevents light from focusing correctly on the retina (camera film at the back of the eye). Keratoconus makes the normally round cornea thin and cone-shaped, causing blurred vision and sensitivity. If detected on its early stages, there is a higher chance for your kids to get the appropriate treatment. If left untreated, it can severely affect a child’s development. Early detection of vision is crucial, and that’s why today we're looking at some of the warning signs.

1. Looking at objects up close often

Do your kids sit too close to the tv? If they do, it may be because they have trouble seeing it from further away. If you’ve noticed this sort of behavior, keep an eye out for similar signs, such as reading books too closely. If you see your kids do these more frequently than usual, it may be a sign of a vision problem.

2. Frequent eye rubbing

While it’s not unusual for kids to rub their eyes from time to time, eye rubbing can be a sign of vision trouble if you notice your children doing it constantly. A classic example of this is children stopping in the midst of being active outdoors just to rub their eyes, before continuing on as normal.

3. Squinting to read

Kids who are already in school and have trouble looking at their class board, may be suffering from a vision problem. If they often squint or tilt their heads to see the board, their teacher will probably let you know, so that you can get an eye exam done. If you suspect your kids may have trouble seeing, double-checking this with their school teachers is a great idea.

4. Sensitivity to Light

Kids becoming queasy or more prone to headaches when exposed to indoor lighting, camera flashes, or harsh sunlight, can be indicative of a problem. If you notice this happening, talk to your doctor, as light sensitivity can be a symptom of several different eye conditions.


All of the symptoms mentioned above may be a sign of keratoconus. In the early stages, keratoconus may cause slightly blurred or distorted vision. As it progresses, vision may become more and more distorted.

There is no known cause for this condition, but a lot of factors are known to affect it, such as a family history of keratoconus, allergies, and excessive eye rubbing. It is a slow moving disease which can start in adolescence and continue for several years.

Treatment of Keratoconus

There are several keratoconus treatment options available. In the initial stages, the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses is an effective treatment for most keratoconus cases, but your child’s situation will be unique, and so speaking with an ophthalmologist about the best course of action is ideal.

Early detection is key

Regular eye exams can take the guess work out of your life, so you can focus on spending time with your kids. Early detection can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

For some people with keratoconus, a revolutionary treatment called corneal cross-linking or CXL can be hugely effective in stopping keratoconus in its tracks. Our team at Re: Vision can help with that. Call us today to discuss treatment options.

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