March 4, 2019

Is Cheap Laser Eye Surgery Worth It?


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Our payment options include 0% interest, nine-month deferred payment plans, and you can see more details here. This can effectively make the cost much more manageable than many first assume.

What goes into calculating the price?

Vision is a vital element of everyday life, and it’s critical that medical procedures surrounding vision are carried out with dedicated care and quality.

World class providers of laser eye treatment such as Re:Vision may have higher prices than clinics overseas, but this is due to a number of factors. For instance, many of the clinics you could find elsewhere are not dedicated to vision correction – they offer it as part of a wider, less focused range of medical services. Our clinic is dedicated solely to the latest advances in high definition vision correction – in this way, we don’t need to divide costs between our state-of-the-art laser eye correction technology and technology for other procedures. Essentially, specialising allows us to access the very best technology available for the vision correction procedures we specialise in.

Further reasons include the high standard of training our surgeons have undergone and their experience and expertise in the field, and not to mention our comprehensive aftercare – both aspects that you may not be assured of elsewhere.

What are the risks of “cheaper” services?

In many countries, laser eye surgery can be legally carried out with no specific qualifications; only a baseline doctor’s certificate is required. In these clinics, some doctors have only the bare minimum training and experience in the specialised field of Refractive Surgery (the term for specialisation in vision correction surgery).

Comparatively, Trevor, Mo, and the Re:Vision team are highly experienced Refractive Surgeons, with thousands and thousands of successful vision correction operations under their belt, again as an advantage of specialising in their field. You can learn more about our doctors, their training, and their qualifications on our website – meet our doctors here.

Another way a practitioner might cut costs is by limiting their involvement in the overall patient care – potentially by outsourcing aftercare to other companies, which isn’t best practice. After all, in the weeks following your operation, you’ll want to be able to keep in contact with the team that carried it out in case there are any problems. At Re:Vision, we dedicate ourselves to unequalled service and patient care.

The bottom line: Is cheap laser eye surgery worth it?

When it really comes down to it, the answer is no, always consider safe, reputable & reliable providers. When you do the math and compare the figures, you get so much more out of $6,888 LASIK treatment than you would out of $35,000 or more on glasses and contacts over your life time. It really is the most cost-effective way to achieve clear, natural vision.

While we can’t speak for other practices, we can speak for our own: 99 per cent of patients who leave our clinic enjoy excellent results and high-definition driving level vision without glasses the very next day and for the years ahead. On the flip side, the people who travel overseas to undergo cheaper laser eye surgeries, may experience post-surgery complications with little or no support. We can safely say that your eyes and vision are worth protecting, and if you partner with us, you can rest assured that your health and care are our top priorities, and that the return on investment in excellent vision is well worth it – our 5-star Google Reviews can vouch for that.

Looking for reliable LASIK services? Choose Re:Vision

Here at Re:Vision, we put our patients first. If you’re looking into the costs of laser eye surgery in Auckland, don’t worry about not being able to afford the quality you deserve. Our payment options exist specifically to make the highest quality services accessible to those that need them. Contact us today to learn more!

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